Emergency Vehicle Access and Pathway Construction Work

Friday, May 20, 2022, 6:00pm

TO: Campus community
FR: Christopher Dinno, Chief Planning Officer

As part of the ongoing Stevenson Hall renovation project, emergency vehicle access and pathway replacement work is required. This work is scheduled to start May 23 with an expected completion of June 24.

The work will temporarily close the entry courtyard between Darwin Hall and  Stevenson Hall, as part of the construction zone. However, Darwin Hall will remain open with access and exiting through the east and west doors. The north doors to be used as an exit in the case of an emergency only.

The construction also includes widening in certain areas and some replacement of the emergency vehicle access lane from Schulz Information Center to the Recreation Center adjacent to Parking Lot  C.

These areas will have limitations to access during this construction period. Please refer to the attached site plans for reference.

For questions, email: christopher.dinno@sonoma.edu