Executive Order: N-7-22 – CA Water Conservation

Tuesday, July 12, 2022, 11:15am

TO: Campus Community
FR: J. Dana Twedell, Associate Vice President for Facilities Operations and Planning

Dear Campus Community,

In response to the continued and intensifying drought in the State of California, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-7-22 which builds on earlier proclamations calling for water use reductions across the State.  

The CSU Sustainability Policy, approved by the board in March 2022, also requires that campuses look to reduce overall water use by 10%.  As the drought continues, it is expected that additional emergency proclamations will be issued requiring deeper water reduction practices of which the CSU is expected to participate.

In support of these measures, Sonoma State University continues to make adjustments in our efforts to reduce water use.  These include reducing water schedules to non-use ornamental turf grass and other water intensive landscaping and reducing our overall irrigation schedules.  Our landscaping design is continuing to move away from plants that require large volumes of irrigation, to zero-scape and xeriscape design methodologies that can utilize ground cover materials like rock or mulch, and California native, drought tolerant, planting materials.  In addition, we have reduced our regular routine exterior power-washing schedules.  We continue pursuing further water conservation measures within our buildings, including flow restrictors on lavatory sinks, low-flow shower heads, kitchen faucets, and toilet fixtures.  

This effort is going to require all of us to participate. We ask for your help and cooperation to reduce water consumption, both at your private residence and here on campus.  At home, these strategies can include: shutting off sink faucets while brushing your teeth and  washing your hands, reducing your shower duration by five minutes, and reducing the time of  home irrigation schedules.  There are many more creative measures you can do to participate in California’s water reduction effort.  Information and strategies can be found on the SaveOurWater.com website.  Guidance on water conservation strategies related to landscape can be found on the California Department of Water Resources Model Water Efficiency Landscape Ordinance website.

If you have suggestions that would support our mandated water reduction measures or questions, please email Facilities Management at: fmwo@sonoma.edu

Thank you.

J. Dana Twedell
Associate Vice President for Facilities Operations and Planning