New Building Security Card Access

Tuesday, May 24, 2022, 12:45pm

TO: Campus Community
FR: Facilities Management

This summer Facilities Management will implement security card access for a number of campus buildings. The transition will begin June 28 and continue through the end of July. The following is a list of the buildings that are part of the project, where electronic card readers have been installed at newly designated main entrances, and the corresponding card access activation dates.

Building Name/Area & Start Date

  • International Hall
    • Main entry sliding door
    • June 28
  • Ives Hall
    • Main entry first floor doors facing parking lot E
    • June 28
  • Nichols Hall
    • Main entry door facing Carson Hall
    • June 28
  • Student Health Center
    • Main entry sliding door
    •  June 28
  • Physical Education Building
    • Main entry door northwest corner
    • July 12
  • Darwin Hall
    • North facing double sliding doors
    • July 19
  • Salazar Hall
    • Main entry sliding door facing Darwin
    • July 19
  • Schulz Library
    • Main entry sliding doors first and second floor
    • July 26
  • Schulz IT
    • Main entry sliding door first floor
    • July 26
  • Schulz IT
    • South entrance, facing parking lot C
    • July 26

During regular operational hours, all exterior access points will be unlocked, as they are currently operating now. Card access will only be required when entering a building outside of regular operational hours. These hours vary from building to building, depending on their normal function of operation, and are generally from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Anyone who needs access to a building, outside of regular operational hours, can do so by completing a key request form.

Additionally with the rollout of this project, all exterior building doors will be rekeyed. Brass keys for building exterior doors will become obsolete when the new card access system goes online. Those who currently have an exterior brass door key for the buildings listed above will need to return their key to Seawolf Services as required by the Key Control Policy. If a key is lost, a lost key form must be completed and a lost key charge of $25 per key will apply.

We appreciate your patience and support as we transition to the new security card access system. It is our sincere effort to provide a safer, more secure environment for our entire campus community.

Thank you.

Facilities Management