Special Notice: Notification of the Presence of Asbestos in CSU Buildings

Friday, February 4, 2022, 3:15pm

TO: Campus community
FR: Missy Brunetta, Interim Senior Director for Risk Management, Emergency Services and Campus Safety Operations

This notification is being provided pursuant to Section 25915 California Health and Safety Code. Asbestos surveys confirm the presence of asbestos-containing construction materials (ACCM) on the Sonoma State University campus. 

Asbestos-containing construction materials pose no threat to your health unless asbestos fibers become airborne due to material aging, deterioration, or as a result of damage. Therefore, it is important that proper work practices be followed to minimize the potential for disturbing asbestos-containing construction materials. Avoid touching asbestos materials in walls, ceiling, pipes, or boilers. Do not drill holes, hang plants or other objects from walls or ceilings made of asbestos-containing construction materials. Do not disturb ACCM when replacing light bulbs. If you find ACCM's that have been damaged, report it to Environmental Health and Safety at 707-664-3583. Do not disturb damaged ACCM or asbestos debris. Only authorized and properly trained individuals should perform any work which may disturb ACCM. See the ‘Asbestos and Lead’ link on the EHS web page for additional information.  

For your information, a list of building locations and a brief description of the materials such as ceiling tiles, floor tiles, or pipe insulation which are known to contain asbestos may be found on the reverse side. Any employee may review these asbestos surveys and the specific monitoring data and sampling procedures conducted on the campus during normal business hours in the Environmental Health and Safety Office located in Salazar Hall, 2nd floor.

The sampling and laboratory procedures utilized in conducting these surveys included National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) bulk sampling methods.

If you have any questions, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at safety@sonoma.edu or 707-664-3583.
Locations with asbestos containing construction materials





Art Department

Labs, Studios, & Classrooms

Mechanical Rooms


Joint Compound, Floor Tile & Mastic, Baseboard Adhesive, Pipe Insulation, Gas Kiln Walls, Roofing

Tank and Pipe Insulation


Pipe Insulation

Boiler Plant



Cooling Tower

Utility Tunnel

Joint Compound, Patching Material, Tank & Pipe Insulation, Floor Tile, Baseboard Adhesive, High Temp. Water Line Insulation, Cold Water Line Insulation Block Adhesive & Wrap Compound, Circuit Breaker

Exterior Panels

High Temperature Water Line Insulation, Cold Water Line Insulation Block Adhesive & Wrap Compound

Carson Hall

Classrooms & Offices

Joint Compound, Floor Tile & Mastic, Window Caulk, Plaster, Fire Door Insulation

Children’s School

Old Sections

Joint Compound, Floor Tile & Mastic, Baseboard Adhesive, Original Roofing (covered)

Facilities Management



Joint Compound, Texture, Floor Tile & Mastic, Pipe Insulation, Roofing

International Hall


Sealant, Mastic, Roofing Materials

Ives Hall



Mechanical Rooms


KSUN & Studios

Joint Compound, Brown Chalkboards, Fire Stop, Floor Tile, Mastic, Caulk, Baseboard Adhesive, Roof Flashing & Patching

Tank & Pipe Insulation, Tar Floor Tile & Mastic

Acoustical Plaster Enclosed in Soffit


P.E. Building



Mechanical Rooms



Joint Compound, Skim Coats, Mastic, Floor Tile, Wall Surfacing Compound, Roofing, Transite Ducts Tank & Pipe Insulation


Pipe Insulation

Nichols Hall


Joint Compound, Floor Tile & Mastic, Fire Door Insulation

Residence Halls — Zinfandel


Zinfandel Center


Maintenance Closets



Joint Compound, Skim Coats, Floor Tile & Mastic, Baseboard Adhesive Transite Wall Board, Pipe Insulation, Roof Mastic


Pipe Insulation

Student Health Center


Joint Compound, Mastics, Sink Undercoatings, Gaskets, Roof Sealants, Roof Flex Joint, Valve Packing, Floor Tile & Mastic, Lab Sink



Asphaltic Material Underneath Track Surface (not accessible)

Wine Institute

Mechanical Room

Tank & Pipe Insulation

Zinfandel Classrooms

Old Restrooms


Mechanical Rooms

Joint Compound, Texture Coat, Floor Tile & Mastic

Flange Gaskets, Insulation Mastic, Roofing



Baseboard Adhesive, Joint Compound, Floor Tile &  Mastic, Fire Door Insulation, Mastics, Transite Panels, Thermal System Insulation, Sealants, Underground Transite Pipe