2nd Call for Committee Representatives & Vote for AMP Working Group - May 26th Response Deadline

Thursday, May 18, 2023, 3:15pm

TO: Sonoma State Staff and MPP
FR: Staff Council Leadership

Dear Staff and Management Employees:

We have open seats on several committees and a new opportunity to serve on the WASC working group. You can learn more about the open positions here. No experience is required, simply an interest in getting engaged! If you are interested in serving (you may indicate more than one position), please email a one paragraph statement to staffcouncil@sonoma.edu.

Staff Council (Fall 2023- Spring 2025) 

  • Staff Council Chair: 1 seat
  • Staff Council Treasurer: 1 seat
  • Staff Council Secretary: 1 seat

University Committees (Fall 2023- Spring 2025)

  • SafeSSU Committee: 1 seat
  • Sonoma State Enterprises Inc. Board and Audit Committee: 2 seats

Working Groups (Fall 2023- Spring 2024)

  • Staff Representative for Accreditation Steering Committee: 1 seat

Vote for AMP Academic Support Services Working Group!
Thank you to all who submitted statements of interest to participate. Please take the time to now cast your vote to elect one (1) staff representative to serve on the Academic Master Plan (AMP) Academic Support Services committee/working group:

VOTE HERE: Qualtrics for Voting on AMP Academic Support Services Working Group

If you have any further questions or want to hear more about our experience participating in shared governance especially what it is like being on the Staff Council Executive Committee, please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us.

Thank you for your time, interest, and consideration. 

Your SSU Staff Council - Katie, Gillian, Nina, River, and Kari