Summer Employee Wellness Opportunities

Friday, May 19, 2023, 3:00pm

TO: Sonoma State Employees
FR: Wellness Program, Payroll and Benefits

We are excited to announce that our spring employee wellness classes will continue throughout the summer. The well-being of our employees is crucial and these classes aim to provide a space for you to relax, connect with colleagues, and focus on taking care of your physical and mental health.  

Yoga Classes
Lunchtime yoga classes are open to all experience levels and will continue for the duration of the summer.

  • Mondays and Thursdays (12:05 - 12:55pm, Ives 80): Meditative Yoga with Jeanne Janae 
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays (12:05 - 12:55pm, Ives 80): Yoga Flow with Kim Purdy

Mindfulness and Self-Care Classes
Beginning on Friday, June 2nd, please consider joining our expanded 45-minute virtual Mindfulness and Self Care classes with Dr. Andy Wallace, SSU Philosophy professor (pre-registration required). Each class begins with a short description of mindfulness followed by a 30-40 minute mindfulness-based exercise and concludes with a poem. 

“The benefits of mindfulness stem, I believe, from the role that it plays in the human caregiving system. Kindness, compassion, and love are the system’s core emotions, and unconditional acceptance of self and other is its raison d’etre. When we meditate mindfully we activate or elicit those emotions and learn to care authentically for ourselves in the same loving spirit as we authentically care for others.” - Dr. Andy Wallace (bio)

Please note that the remaining spring (30-minute) virtual Mindfulness and Self Care classes will continue through the month of May (pre-registration required).

Additional information regarding our SSU Employee Wellness programs can be found here: