Tragic News on the Passing of a Faculty Member

Tuesday, February 14, 2023, 6:15pm

TO: Campus Community
FR: Karen R. Moranski, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Elisabeth Wade, Dean of the School of Science and Technology

On February 11, 2023 the Sonoma State community lost a beloved member, Dr. André Minor, in a tragic accident on his property in the Mayacamas Mountains. André joined the SSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics in Fall 2013 as a lecturer teaching a wide variety of classes, including finite mathematics, statistics, and all levels of calculus. Over the past 10 years he shared his love for mathematics and learning with thousands of students. André was the kindest, most enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher a student could wish for, and was adored by his students. Through his teaching André touched thousands of lives and the world is a better (and mathematically more educated) place because of him.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers this memorial: 

André was a wonderful colleague. His contributions to the community at SSU go far beyond his excellent teaching. He collaborated on course design, being instrumental in developing the new Calculus "stretch" course, and he was an enthusiastic participant in the NSF-funded project "Transformative Inclusion in Postsecondary STEM: Towards Justice." His ideas will be part of our work to increase inclusiveness and belonging in STEM for years to come. André co-authored a series of culturally responsive activities for Calculus and helped design two Lesson Study projects that aim to rehumanize mathematics by focusing on students’ experiences and cultural connections.

André graduated with a BA in Mathematics from UC Berkeley in 2006 and with a Ph.D. in Mathematics from UC San Diego in 2011. His area of specialization was complex analysis. While he could easily have applied for tenure track positions, he chose to work as a lecturer at SSU so that he could focus on taking over his family’s vineyard and winery. He and his wife Tina welcomed their baby daughter Maisie into the world in early December. André was the proudest and most loving husband and father, and he shared his happiness with his colleagues and students.

André’s passing leaves an impossibly large void in our community and in our lives. He will be deeply and sincerely missed. We have not yet received information on any memorial services, but the School of Science and Technology and the Department will share that information as soon as it is available.

For those in need assistance in processing this loss, please seek out the following resources:

CAPS - Counseling and Psychological Services
CAPS offers 24/7 immediate counseling support to students. Visit CAPS during regular office hours or call anytime at 707-664-2153 for support (after hours press 2 to be connected with a crisis counselor). 

Empathia provides virtual counseling sessions for employees. For 24/7 telephone assessment/counseling call 1-800-367-7474. Empathia also has resources that may be useful through their LifeMatters website. (enter password: sonoma)

Our thoughts are with André’s family and friends and the whole campus community.