Historical Photos

Over the past 50 years, the various staff photographers of Sonoma State University have taken pictures of events, people, buildings, Commencements, Convocations, classroom activities and many others topic areas. Much of the older collection is in black and white print and slides and were actually developed in a darkroom on campus. As we moved into the digital world, so did photography. The darkroom, all the chemicals and the black and white prints became a memory of the past, although all of those photos and slides still exist in a hard copy archive.

All photography work is now digital and is stored electronically. Below are selections from different time periods of Sonoma State University’s history. 

More historical photos

History of SSU in Photography

Mustard field, site of new campus

College View Campus, Rohnert Park

Early campus entrance

Parking Lot late 60's

Early views of Stevenson and Darwin Halls

Schulz Building, opened in 2000


Recreation Center

Art Department

Ambrose Nichols Hall




Students, 1966

Sonoma State Cossacks

Barbara Biebush, Sonoma State's first Librarian

Campus, 1970's

Cheerleaders, 1980's



Judge Rattigan and Governor Edmund G. Brown sign SSC legislation

In person registration

In person registration

Open House, 1986

Science Night viewing of Wooly Mammoth bones

Temporary campus in Rohnert Park (College View Drive)


Commencement, 1976

Commecement, 1980's

Commencment, 2007